Comparison of Laser Photocoagulation with Intravitreal Bevacizumab (Avastin) in Treating the Patients of Diabetic Macular Edema

Chaudhry Javed Iqbal, Kamran Aftab Ahmed


Purpose: To compare the efficacy of laser photocoagulation with intravitreal Avastin for the treatment of postoperative decrease of vision in patients with diabetic macular edema. Material and methods: randomized, controlled, open label, parallel group study of 80 eyes of 80 patients, having diabetic macular edema. The primary end point was change in best corrected visual acuity at 3 months compared with that at baseline using Snellen’s visual acuity testing charts. Results: The mean changes in BCVA at 3 months compared with that at baseline were more improvement of visual acuity in group B (Bevacizumab group) as compared to group A (Argon laser photocoagulation group). Conclusions: Intravitreal Bevacizumab appears to be beneficial in treatment of diabetic macular edema as compared to argon laser photocoagulation three months after treatment.