Frame selection in different age groups

Maryam Fatima


OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the proper frame selection and fitting for spectacle wearer in different age groups and to find out which frame material is preferred by spectacle users.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: It was an institutional based study, conducted in College of Ophthalmology and Allied Vision Sciences on 90 patients divided into three age groups 0-15 years, 16-40 year and 40-70 years, using different eyeglass frames. Results were obtained after informed consent and by filling a structured Performa.

RESULTS: In this study, Out of 90 patients 38 percent were using correct eyeglasses frames while 52 percent were using incorrect frames according to their face shape. 38% people used metal frames, 27 percent people used plastic frames and 25 percent were using both metal and plastic frames. So most people were not using correct frames according to their age. In children plastic material preferred but they were using both metal as well as plastic frames.

 CONCLUSION: It is concluded that most eyeglasses wearers were not using correct frames shape and material according to their face shape in all age groups.

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