Comparison between auto and manual keratometer in patients visiting Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

Muhammad Suhail Sarwar, Muhammad Arslan Ashraf


PURPOSE: To compare auto and manual keratometer to find the accuracy between these two instruments in order to measure K-reading for IOL calculation

METHODS: 200 eyes of 100 normal Patients (50 males and 50 females) visiting Mayo Hospital and College of Ophthalmology and Allied Vision Sciences Lahore, of all age groups above 14 years, were examined.

RESULTS: On auto-keratometer mean K was 7.72 ± 0.35 mm (SE = 0.02) and on manual keratometer mean K was 7.75 ± 0.35 mm (SE = 0.02). Auto keratometer measured 0.0273 ± 0.0858 mm less than manual keratometer but Mann Whitney-U test showed no statistically significant difference between auto and manual keratometer (p=0.36).

CONCLUSION: Auto-keratometer measures 0.0273 mm less than manual keratometer. However, there was no significant difference between auto and manual keratometry (p>0.05).

KEYWORDS: Cataract, Auto-keratometer, Manual-Keratometer, corneal curvature.

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