Comparison of three different techniques of binocular balancing.

Tehmina Ashraf, Muhammad Suhail Sarwar


OBJECTIVE: To compare three different binocular balancing techniques, and to evaluate their results to find that how much the results of these three techniques correlate with each other.

METHOD: Screening of Visual acuity with and without pinhole, objective and subjective refraction, plus one blur test, fogging method, Humphrey’s immediate contrast, vertical prism test were carried on sample size of 100 patients having best corrected VA 6/6 or 6/9using Snellen chart. Screening tests were performed to find gross data. Data is quantified by the SPSS 20.

RESULTS: Highest correlation is present between the mean values of Humphrey’s immediate contrast and vertical prism dissociation.The mean difference is lower between fogging method and Humphrey’s immediate contrast.

CONCLUSION: As the data suggest, Fogging method, Humphrey’s immediate contrast and vertical prism dissociation test yield very similar results. The findings of these three techniques can be considered interchangeable.

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