Comparison between conventional color vision tests and computer based electronic color vision tests.

Iqra Liaqat, Asad Aslam Khan


BACKGROUND: Color vision is a very fundamental visual function. Assessment of color vision is very important and depends upon every clinical setting. I compared two different methods of testing color vision i.e. conventional color vision tests and computer based electronic color vision tests.

OBJECTIVE: To find out the most efficient and reliable method to test color vision.

PATIENTS AND METHODS: Patients were selected from Mayo Hospital Lahore and College of Ophthalmology and Allied Vision Science, Lahore. It was a comparative study based on 50 individuals that included both emmetropes as well as ametropes (i.e. having some degree of refractive errors),  and who underwent color vision assessment tests i.e. Ishihara and Farnsworth D-15 first by conventional plates and equipment and then by electronic version of these tests available now a days. This study includes the comparison between these two testing techniques i.e. conventional and computer based. Results were obtained by asking the patient to fill a structured proforma.

RESULTS: By conventional D-15 test 42 patients gave 100% results while 8 patients gave 75% results. By electronic D-15 test 35 subjects gave 75% results while 11 subjects gave 50% results. Only 4 patients gave 100% results through electronic D-15 test. By conventional Ishihara test 42 individuals gave 100% results while 8 individuals gave 75% results. 30 subjects gave 75% results from electronic Ishihara and 13 subjects gave 50% results from electronic Ishihara color vision test. Only 7 subjects gave 100% results from Ishihara electronic color vision testing.

CONCLUSION: Computer based colour vision assessments tests are more appropriate for younger and co-operative individuals. Manual colour vision assessment tests are more suitable for older individuals and for children. Computer based tests require more strict instructions to patients. Efficiency of both testing methods is equal if performed accurately.

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