Status of awareness of optometry and primary eye care services among common population in district Bhimber, Azad Kashmir.

Farhat Ashraf, Rabia Mobeen


OBJECTIVE: The main objective of the study was to determine and identify the awareness of eye care services and optometry among the common population and to provide awareness of optometry and primary eye care to common people of district Bhimber Azad Kashmir.

MATERIALS AND METHOD: A questionnaire-based cross-sectional survey was conducted which included a selection of research site, target population, sample size (384 people), sampling method, research methodology and work plan. The study was conducted in the month of November and December 2016.

RESULTS: Knowledge and level of awareness were reported to be low among common people of Bhimber. The chief determinants for the low level of awareness about optometry and primary eye care were low educational status, poor socioeconomic status, and limited source of information and lack of access to ophthalmic care services. 384 participants were enrolled in the study among which 53.39% were male respondents and 46.61% female respondents. Overall 10.5% participants reported of having awareness about optometry and 32.81% participants showed awareness about eye care services.

CONCLUSIONS: There is very little awareness of optometry and primary eye care services in common population of district Bhimber and those found in this study are somehow justified, but it is the time to aware people about eye care services. There are no primary eye care centers. People have no information about eye care providers and optometrists. Educational centers are necessary for uptake of visual problems.

KEYWORDS: Optometry, Primary eye care, Awareness.

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