Areas of research needs in student of optometry in Pakistan.

Tayyaba Bashir, Rashida Riaz


OBJECTIVES: The main objectives of this study were to assess the areas of research needs and interest of students of optometry and to enlist the various activities undertaken by different institutes offering optometry program in Pakistan.                 

METHOD: A descriptive cross sectional study with the help of stratified random sampling was conducted in 100 randomly selected students studying in different institutes of Pakistan. The study consisted of both male and female students of different age groups were asked to fill a questionnaire to find out the areas of research needs in students of optometry in Pakistan. The selection of students was so done that they should be aware of flaws and benefits of research. Informed consent was taken by every student.

RESULTS: The result conducted from the questionnaire and statistical method showed that among 100 respondents 35 were male and 65 were females. Results affirmed that students showed interest in research participation and they believe that conduction of research should be made compulsory at graduation level. Of 29% students having experience of writing research article and there were only 37% students who read journals. Students showed more interest in clinical work and majority of the students reported that the role of supervisor, inadequate providence of tools and already overburdened curriculum cease their interest.

CONCLUSION: It is concluded from this research that Students showed positive response in the participation of research and utilize the facilities provided by their respective institutes but there are some obstructions which hinder their motivation. The main factors like inadequate role of their supervisors, already over burden curriculum, lack of the habit of reading journals and practice to write article, inadequate tools provided by their institutes cease their interest in research participation.

KEYWORDS: Areas, Research, Needs, Students, Optometry, Pakistan

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