Assessment of a Race-Specific Normative HRT-III Database to Differentiate Glaucomatous from Normal Eyes in Pakistani Population.

Zia Ur Rehman, Muhammad Suhail Sarwar


Purpose: To determine if a new, normative, race-specific database (Indian Module) enhances the ability of confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy in differentiating normal from glaucomatous eyes as compared to the default module setting that uses the Caucasian database. Methods and Main Outcome Measure: A record of 10 subjects was selected for seeing the changes, if any, after adjusting the new normative databases. Other necessary information was obtained where necessary. The detailed printed reports of the subjects were used for record keeping. Results: Almost every eye tested having Optic nerve head marked outside normal limits was either changed to normal Moorfields regression analysis (MRA) result or at least borderline after adjusting for the particular race i.e. Indian. A discrepancy was always noted between the two database results Conclusion: Although the size of the sample data was small yet it established the fact that although the new normative database greatly reduces the false positive error yet the size of the normative database needs to be increased so as to increase the sensitivity while maintaining the high level of specificity as already has been done for the Caucasian database.

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