Proportion of different angiographic patterns/ findings in patient referred for Fundus Fluorescence Angiography (FFA)

Shaista Usman, Muhammad Suhail Sarwar


Objectives: To determine the proportionate distribution of different angiographic findings in patients referred for FFA in Jan 2012 to Dec 2012. Methodology: This study was conducted on 1058 patients who underwent FFA in year 2012. Individuals of different age group including male and female with retinal vascular diseases were included Sample size include All the patients who underwent FFA .Sample design include Specially designed MS database for the purpose. Equipment used was Fundus camera. Results: Leading cause of retinopathy is diabetes (n=471, 44.5%). Patients having mild NPDR were 111, moderate NPDR  137, severe NPDR  109,very severe NPDR  01, high risk PDR 48, low risk PDR 65,multifocal exudative maculopathy 319, diffuse exudative maculopathy 132. Other causes included CSCR 03, BRVO 51, CRVO 11,  PEWD 205, HR 03, Choroiditis 12, CNV’s 21 and normal 361. Conclusion: There is great need of patients’ awareness about angiography for patients of diabetes and hypertension because majority of patients have retinopathy due to uncontrolled/ unknown diabetes and hypertension that can lead to blindness.

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