Age related decrease in contrast sensitivity in normal population.

Nida Haider, Tehseen Mahju


Purpose: The purpose of this study was to determine whether old age is associated with a decrease in contrast sensitivity. Methods: A total of 70 subjects were taken ranging in age from 15 to 70 years of age. Age groups were made (group 1: 15-25, group 2: 26-35, group 3: 36-45 and so on till 75). Contrast sensitivity was measured on Pelli Robson Contrast Sensitivity chart in all of the subjects. Results: Group 1 (15-25 years) showed normal contrast sensitivity which is 1.50-1.65 on Pelli Robson. Group 2(26-35 years), Group 3(36-45 years) and Group 4(46-55 years) showed similar results i.e. normal contrast sensitivity. However a decrease was seen in group 5 (56-65 years) and group 6 (66-75 years). The decrease seen in subjects above 55 years of age was around 1.35 and a further decrease was seen in subjects aged over 70 years. Conclusion: The age related decrease in contrast sensitivity was seen in subjects aged over 60 years confirming that contrast sensitivity decreases with increasing age.

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