Prevalence of trachoma in madrassa students of Kasur

Arif Hussain, Kamran Khalid Butt, Shahid Nazeer


Purpose: To determine the prevalence of trachoma in madrassa students of  Kasur. Materials and Methods: This study was conducted at Bhatti International Teaching Hospital Kasur / Central Park Medical College Lahore where a 6 days free eye camp was organized for madrassa students. Students from various madrassas who visited the hospital were enrolled as participants of study. WHO simplified grading system for trachoma was used to record the findings. Results: Out of 510 participants of study ­­fifty cases (9.80%) were diagnosed as trachoma. All cases seen were having active trachoma. Forty cases (7.84%) were graded having TF stage while ten cases (1.96%) had TI.  None of them was having TS, TT or TO grade. Forty out of 470 male participants were diagnosed as cases of active trachoma. 39 male students had TF grade. TI was noted in only one male student.  Ten out of 40 female participants were detected as cases of active trachoma. TI grade was found in 9 females whereas TF grade was detected in only one female student. ­­Conclusion: Trachoma is still an important public health problem in deprived communities of Pakistan like madrassa students. The disease is more prevalent and more severe in females. 

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