Assessment of Color Vision in Amblyopes Using D15 Test.

Reema Raza, Beenish Latif


Objective: The study was done on fifty Amblyopes because amblyopia being one of the common vision threatening disorders, is also associated with defective color vision. The objectives included in the study were to study the association between amblyopia and color vision using D-15 test and to find out the correlation between different types of amblyopia and color vision deficiency. Materials and Methods: The study involved diagnosis of amblyopia, assessing color vision of amblyopia using Farnsworth D-15, by using structured Proforma in the months of August, September and October 2014. Color vision tests were performed on 50 people aged 7 years to 40 years of both genders. Results: Amblyopic patients performed well in D-15 color vision test. Different types of amblyopia were assessed to find type of deficient color vision. Out of 50 patients, 21 amblyopes were associated with normal color vision on D-15 test. Conclusion: The study has concluded that color vision is not affected in amblyopia and the study has also shown that there is no significant correlation found between type of amblyopia and color vision when assessed with D-15 color vision test. Key words: Amblyopia, color vision, D-15 color vision test.

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