Corneal Wavefront Measurement in Amblyopic Patients

Muhammad Suhail Sarwar, Sidra Qamar


Objective: To assess the corneal wavefront findings in amblyopic eye and compare it with normal eye of the same individual. Method: A comparative cross-sectional study with sample of 30 subjects with one eye as amblyopic was taken. Age ranges from 5 to14 years. Females were 13 (43%) and males were 17 (57%). Corneal topography was done on each eye. The topography findings of normal eye was taken as standard for comparison with that of amblyopic eye in the same individual. Ziemer GALLIEI G2 was use for corneal topography. Low order aberration (defocus and astigmatism) and high order aberrations (trefoil, spherical and coma) were studied. Results: There was a significant difference in third order vertical trefoil, third order vertical coma and 7th order aberration. In all the other aberration such as 2nd order aberration, 2nd order oblique astigmatism, 2nd order Defocus, 2nd Order Regular Astigmatism, 3rd order aberration, 3rd order horizontal coma, 3rd order horizontal trefoil, 4th order aberration, 4th order oblique quatrefoil, 4th order regular astigmatism, 4th order defocus, 4th order vertical astigmatism, 4th order regular quatrefoil, 5th order aberration, 6th order aberration and 8th order aberration there was no significant difference Conclusion: There was significant difference in corneal aberrations between normal and amblyopic eyes.

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