Influence of different targets on near point of Convergence

Ayesha Sarfraz, Samreen Ikram


Objectives: Objectives of the study were to investigate effect of different targets on near point of convergence in adult emmetropes and to compare the values of break and recovery points with different targets Method: Near point of convergence was measured in 50 patients by using penlight, finger tip, accommodative target N5, pencil tip, RAF rule line target. Persons who had best corrected visual acuity less than 6/12, who were not co-operative or having any kind of deviation were not included in this study. Results: Break and recovery points of near point of convergence with pencil tip, finger tip and accommodative target were close to each other. Conclusion: Penlight and RAF rule gave remote values than other targets.  Penlight gave more remote values than RAF rule line. Key words: Near point of convergence, vergence, convergence, pen light, finger tip, RAF rule, accommodative target, and pencil tip.

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