Efficacy and Safety of Pars plana Vitrectomy for Vitreous Floaters after Posterior vitreous detachment.

Ali Zain Ul Abedeen, Mumtaz Hussain, Husnain Ali


Purpose: This study was aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of parasplana vitrectomy in removing the floaters and determine the associated risks. Materials and Method: It was a cross sectional observational study conducted by enrolling 11 patients. It was made sure through exclusion criteria that not a single patient who had previous history of any surgery or ocular trauma got selection in this study. All the cases that were enrolled in this study were having age between 45-65 with Myopia less than 4 diopters. They underwent 25 G parasplana vitrectomy for floaters. Results: All patients went successful parasplana vitrectomy. Mean age of the patient was 56±2.54. 8 women (70%) and 3(27%) males give their consent to become the part of study.  Complication is seen in one (9%) patient. Efficacy was noted in 10(91%) cases at 9th month of follow up. Conclusion: Parasplana vitrectomy is not only safe but also effective for complete removal of floaters with minimum complications. Key Words: vitreous floaters; pars plana vitrectomy; posterior vitreous detachment

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