Socioeconomic Status and Refractive Error

Asfa Khalid, Imran Ahmad


Objective: to find out the relationship between refractive errors and overall socioeconomic status in people and also between individual elements of socioeconomic status (income, education, occupation etc). Methods: A total of 150 patients, male 87 (58%), female 63 (42%) from low, middle and high socioeconomic status population were examined for refractive status. Data about different elements of socioeconomic status of these patients was obtained and analyzed for association between refractive errors and socioeconomic status overall as well as among individual components of both variables. Results: Myopia was more frequent among high socioeconomic status population while hyperopia and astigmatism were common In low and middle socioeconomic status. Adults with higher levels of education, near work related occupations, and higher income were more likely to have myopic refractions. 

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