Effect of 0.5% Oral Intake of Glucose on Tear Production


  • Muhammad Abdal University of Lahore
  • Muhammad Aish University of Lahore
  • Qamar ur Rehman University of Lahore
  • Ayesha Tasneem University of Lahore
  • Faiza Tasneem University of Lahore




Tear production, Glucose, Tears, Oral, Dry eyes


Objective: To determine, how 0.5% oral glucose consumption affects the formation of tears

Methodology: After ethical approval, this cross-sectional study involved 176 non-glycemic individuals (103 males and 73 females) with an average age of 23.7±2.70 years. Participants with normal body mass index (BMI) were included in the study, with an average BMI of 22.42kg/m2. After informed consent, tear production was measured at fasting and thirty, ninety and two hours minutes after intake of 0.5% glucose. Data was entered and analyzed in SPSS.

RESULTS: The mean tear production at fasting was found to be 13.88±5.18mm. After 30 minutes of oral intake of 0.5% glucose, the mean tear production remained at 13.88±5.18mm. However, after 60 minutes of oral intake of 0.5%glucose, the mean tear production decreased to 12.96±5.196mm. After 90 minutes of glucose intake, the mean tear production increased to 13.58±5.03mm, and after 120 minutes, it further increased to 15.54±5.09mm. Statistical analysis revealed significant differences in tear production after 30, 60, and 90 minutes of oral intake of 0.5%glucose. However, after 90 minutes, the difference in tear production became insignificant.  



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Muhammad Abdal, Muhammad Aish, Qamar ur Rehman, Ayesha Tasneem, & Faiza Tasneem. (2024). Effect of 0.5% Oral Intake of Glucose on Tear Production. Ophthalmology Pakistan, 14(2), 35–39. https://doi.org/10.62276/OphthalmolPak.14.02.131



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