Changes in Contrast Sensitivity in Patients after Laser in Situ Keratomileusis


  • Ayesha Asif University of Lahore
  • Amna Batool University of Lahore
  • Bilawal Yaseen University of Lahore
  • Hira Javed University of Lahore
  • Ambreen Ziarat University of Lahore



contrast sensitivity, LASIK, preoperative, post operative, LASIK surgery,


Objectives: to find the comparison of the contrast sensitivity between pre and post Lasik surgery patients

Methods: Visual acuity with Snellen was measured by a patient covers one eye from 6 meter or 20 feet away, and patient reads the letters of each row, the smallest row that the patient can read indicates the visual acuity in that eye. Refractive error was measured by using autorefractometer. Contrast sensitivity was measured by using Pelli-Robson chart at 1 meter with their best correction. Note readings preoperatively and give follow-up time to patients. After 40 days, we measure visual acuity with Snellen chart and then contrast sensitivity with Pelli-Robson chart and note the readings.

Results: This study included 45 individuals with mean age 25±5. Contrast sensitivity of Right eye pre-Lasik was 1.25±0.55. contrast sensitivity of Left Eye pre-Lasik was 1.37±0.51. contrast sensitivity of Right Eye         after Lasik was 1.62±0.59. of contrast sensitivity of left eye after Lasik was 1.75±0.57.

Conclusion: As a result of this study, we concluded that contrast sensitivity was significantly improved after LASIK surgery. To enhance the cosmetic appearance of a patient with minimum possibility of complications LASIK surgery is the better method.



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Ayesha Asif, Amna Batool, Bilawal Yaseen, Hira Javed, & Ziarat, A. (2024). Changes in Contrast Sensitivity in Patients after Laser in Situ Keratomileusis. Ophthalmology Pakistan, 13(4), 80–84.



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