Assesment of Corneal Thickness in Type II Diabetic Patients Ageing between 40 to 60 Years


  • Rashid Asghar University of Lahore
  • Tahir Shaukat University of Lahore
  • Barkat Islam University of Lahore
  • Abdul Basit Khizar Eye care, Lahore



Cornea, Pachymetry, Diabetes, Diabetic Retinopathy


Objective: To assess the corneal thickness of type 2 diabetic patients ageing between 40 to 60 years.

Methodology: This was cross sectional study in nature and data was collected from tree tops hospital and university of Lahore. After informed consent, all patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes were included in this study followed by measurement of corneal thickness. The data was collected regarding age, duration of diabetes, level of HbA1c test result and medications. When it came to entering and analyzing the data, IBM Spss version was employed. Pearson’s correlation test was applied to find the significance of data. P-value less than 0.05 was considered as significant.

Results: There were total 104 patient with age ranges between 40 years to 60 years. In this research there were 58 persons who were suffering type 2 diabetes from 5 years (55.8%). There 18 and 18 (17.3%) patients were suffering from the diabetes for last 10 and 15 years respectively. Only 10 patients had diabetes for last 20 years. The difference in corneal thickness values between the subsections of patients with no DR, with NPDR and PDR was statistically non-significant (p = 0.810). Pearson’s correlation analysis showed that duration of DM (r = 0.022, p = 0.809), HbA1c (r = 0.103, p = 0.251), and severity of DR (r = 0.022, p = 0.805) did not show any significant correlation with CCT.

Conclusion:   As the age of the patient increases the central corneal thickness is affected by these factors. Which results in loss or decreased vision and many other problems.



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Asghar, R., Tahir Shaukat, Barkat Islam, & Abdul Basit. (2024). Assesment of Corneal Thickness in Type II Diabetic Patients Ageing between 40 to 60 Years. Ophthalmology Pakistan, 14(2), 46–50.



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