Locating thinnest point of cornea in relation to visual axis in healthy eyes


  • Motiba Tahir
  • Muhammad Suhail Sarwar
  • Hameeda Haider


Keratoconus, angle kappa, CCT


OBJECTIVE:The main intention of this research was to find out the corneal thinnest point in accordance with thevisual axis in healthy corneas.

METHOD: This comparative cross-sectional included 120 subjects (female:61, male 59). The mean age of female patients was 29.11±8.3 years and 27.20±8.77 years of male. This study was carried out at Mayo Hospital, Lahore. The data was collected through, non-random convenient sampling technique, self-made proforma after taking the patient’s consent. Data thinnest point of thecornea, TX, TY, kappa distance, KX and KY of both eyes were measured. We converted theright eye horizontal axis values to left eyes by multiplying -1 to the right eye’s horizontal values.

RESULTS: The corneal thinnest point was situated at 0.57±0.4 mm inferotemporal to the visual axis in healthy corneas. The mean central point of the cornea was 555.2±26.46 µm, respectively. The CCT mean was 547.9±26.02 µm respectively. The thinnest point mean was 544.83±27.14 µm respectively. The TX mean was 0.03±0.51mm respectively. The thinnest X laterality mean was 0.44±0.25 mm respectively. The thinnest y-axis mean was -0.36±0.30 mm respectively. The kappa distance mean was 0.17±0.10 mm respectively. The KX mean was 0.00±0.16 mm respectively. The kappa x laterality mean was 0.0607±0.15 mm respectively. The Ky mean was 0.01±0.124 mm respectively.

CONCLUSION: The corneal thinnest point was found at 0.57±0.4 mm inferotemporal from the visual axis in normal eyes. The x-axis meant was 0.44±0.25 mm, and the y-axis means was ‑0.36±0.30 mm.

KEYWORDS: Keratoconus, angle kappa, CCT.



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