Behavioral differences between myopes and emmetropes


  • Iman Ali
  • Sidra Anwar
  • Bushra Zuliqar


Myopes, emmetropes, behavioral differences


PURPOSE: The main reason to design this study is to determine the behavioral differences between myopes and emmetropes.

METHOD: This research a population based, cross sectional study method was used and it involved self-constructed Performa to find out the behavioral differences between myopes and emmetropes. Questionnaire based Performa containing 19 questions were distributed among 126 participants divided into two subsections out of which 63 were Myopes and 63 were emmetropes.

RESULTS: In this study there were 126 participants, 63 were emmetropes and 63 were myopes. the result of this study was that emmetropes are extroverts tend to be good at interacting with people are talkative and prefer outdoor activities and have good social relationships where as myopes are introverts, less agreeable and prefer staying indoors most of the time and greater number of myopes are depressed and anxious as compared to emmetropes.

CONCLUSION: According to this study myopic are studious, introvert having lesser number of friends, prefer staying at home and do indoor activities, Myopes are less agreeable and are anxious and greater numbers of people which are Myopes are depressed as compared to emmetropes. On the other hand emmetropes are talkative and extroverts having good social relationships and care less as compared to Myopes and make friends easily.

KEY WORDS: Myopes, emmetropes, behavioral differences




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